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Podcasts and Music

Listen and subscribe to my podcasts or dance along to my songs!


Magiste is hosted by myself and comedian, Jackie Monahan. Magiste is about normalizing the use of magic and mysticism through curiosity and laughs. Jackie and Shawn chat with psychics, mediums, reiki healers, tarot practitioners, scientists or anyone who believes in the magic The Universe has to offer. The magic in us honors the magic in you.


The Berksqueers

This podcast is dedicated to LGBTQ+ life in The Berkshires of Western Massachusetts and the surrounding areas with hosts, Berkshire County native and photographer, Sam Backhaus and recent NYC transplant and comedian, Shawn Hollenbach. We focus on queer-owned businesses and events for the queer community living and visiting in The Berkshires.


My Songs

I make silly songs - you can hear them on Spotify, iTunes, make a TikTok with them or wherever you get your music.


Closet Cases

A cathartic comedy storytelling show about the age-old tale of coming out of the closet. LGBTQ+ comedians and performers tell their coming out and transitioning stories called "A Best LGBTQ Podcasts for Millennials" by iHeart Radio. Story feature Willam Belli, Jaye McBride, Keith Price, Elliot Glazer, Calvin Cato and more!

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